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One machine with three steam mops, high temperature sterilization, fast steam, a variety of cleaning mode steam mop
Product parameters:
• Color classification: light green
• Tank capacity: 300mL and below
• Warm-up time: 1 minute or less
• Power: 1201W or more
• Net weight: 2.1kg (inclusive) -4kg (inclusive)
• Switch Type: Handle Switch
• Continuous steam time: 15 minutes or less
• Chassis shape: other
• Whether there is steam regulation function: None
• Power: 500W or less
One machine with three functions
1. Steam mop: multi-purpose steam mop, used in a clean attitude; applied to a variety of ground without damaging the floor
2. Steam cleaner: With different nozzles, it can sterilize, smell and decontaminate
3. Hand-held Garment Steamer: Simultaneous Sterilization in Ironing
Get out of steam
Physical decontamination without residue
Intimate detail design
A mop that can exhale steam at high temperatures and effectively kill bacteria. Choose us and let you live in a clean homeSteam Mop manufacturers