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This is ECO Solvent Ink Cleaning Solution, safe cleaning liquid for solvent ink printers, used to clean ink system and printhead when changing inks or ink system is clogged. No corrosion ketones, hardly burning, safe to store and transport.
Aplication machine: all inkjet printer ,for ink cartridge,tube,printhead and so on
Color: Colorless transparent
Suitable for Roland / Mimaki / Mutoh
1. Extend life span of print head
2. Factory direct
3. Nozzle cleaner
ECO Solvent Ink Cleaning Solution
Printer Ink Cleaning Solution
Our Factory
Shanghai BPINK Technologies Co., Ltd is a high-tech Sino-us joint venture. It has adopted advanced manufacturing and formulation technology with large-scale professional production line and the most advanced ink testing equipment.
ECO Solvent Ink Cleaning Solution manufacturers
ECO Solvent Ink Cleaning Solution suppliers
Printer Ink Cleaning Solution
We are a professional enterprise engaged in the manufacture and sale of ECO Solvent Ink Cleaning Solution.If you are interested in any of our printer ink cleaning solution or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.Ink Cleaning Solution manufacturers