Artists & Creatives

Creative Garden – artist Diane Findley with Carol Ann Hixon. Photo by: Peggy Lyle

Connect with Artists and Creatives!

Collaborative projects, professional artistic services, creative solutions, joint ventures and support resources … you can connect with our creative community in multiple ways. Engage with many different groups of creatives and artists including artists, museums, arts organizations, thespians, the brewing industry, fabricators, venues and support services. You can connect by supporting shows, reaching out to creatives for projects or contacting them via social media. Below are some broad categories with links, you will then find more specific categories with extensive lists and profiles showcasing the vast diversity and depth of our local artistic and creative industry.

Artists & Creatives
includes professionals in both fine and folk art, from painters to sculptors, dancers to musicians, composers to writers.

Businesses & Entrepreneurs
includes art galleries, local shops, boutiques, marketing agencies, graphic artists, architects, illustrators, brewers, filmmakers, recording studios, fabricators, distillers, sound/lighting engineers, and many more professionals.

Cultural Institutions
includes art, science, history and folk-art museums; makers and creators spaces and many others.

Venues and Spaces
includes performance centers both large and intimate, many live music and concert venues, special event locations, parks, teaching and rehearsal spaces.

Support Organizations
includes schools, support services, creative co-working offices as well as professional and business support for the creative industry.

Connect with a Creative

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