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Celebrate! World Rhythms Festival - Fale Dance. Photo by: Peggy Lyle

“Civilizations are not remembered by their business people, their bankers or lawyers. They're remembered by the arts.”

~ Eli Broad

The arts are alive and well in Downtown Fort Collins and creative experiences are found at every corner. Enjoy theater performances, nights of dancing, art walks, foodie tours, painting lessons, a wide diversity of craft beer tastings, live music concerts, slam poetry readings and much more. Our art scene and creative industries are thriving and growing bigger each day. Experience it all, from learning how to be artistic yourself, to reading about local success stories and discovering the talent that dwells in our Colorado city. Explore any of these categories for compelling stories, activities, and special events within our Creative District:




Events & Festivals

Creative Industry - AT the market -Colorado Beard Co.. Photo by: Peggy Lyle

Fort Collins Musicians Association's FoCoMX celebrates local music. Artwork by: Aspen Leaf Creative

Public Art - Pianos About Town. Photo by: DFCCD

Global Village Museum. Photo by: DFCCD

The Silver Seed Food Truck. Photo by: DFCCD

Transformer Box USPAC 2015. Photo by Peggy Lyle