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Our Stories: We have a unique community of artists, creative businesses, and history with a “New West” approach to innovation, and friendly, inventive people. Our story started as a crossroads for Native American tribes symbolized by The Council Tree , then along the Cache la Poudre River our town filled with characters like Auntie Stone and architect Montezuma Fuller, was “dry” and now produces a majority of Colorado’s beer, and is one of the most successful revitalized downtowns in the nation. We have a vibrant music scene; festivals almost every weekend, 20+ craft breweries, a 60+ year old Fort Collins Symphony and outstanding Art in Public Places programs. And our story is just beginning…

A Fort Collins Creative Industry Example: CRAFT BEER

The Fort Collins brewing industry is a perfect example of creativity and passion leading business success and innovation. Something that today is so rooted in the Fort Collins community’s self-identity, beer and brewing is a huge economic driver with more than 20 breweries citywide and one that serves to bring Fort Collins to the entire nation’s attention.

This is a creative business filled with talented brewers, passionate craftsman, journeymen, graphic designers and marketers who bring their passion for craft beer to the city’s forefront. Fort Collins is the largest producer of craft beer in Colorado, proudly producing over 70% of the state’s beer. This is just one example of the way creative industry can impact a community’s brand, lifestyle and economy. Head out to sample some today at our brewery tours!


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Annabel Reader of Colorado Shoe School – making masks during COVID-19



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