Tours and Walks

Take a tour and experience the Creative District for yourself!

Enjoy all of the wonderful ways downtown expresses itself creatively.

Through self-guided and organized tours you can explore a bit of the Creative District's art, food, history and beer. Enjoy the Art in Public Places" transformer mural boxes and sidewalk pavers, see downtown's architecture and landscaping (including the old firehouse that inspired Disneyland's Main Street), pick up some artwork for your home or business on the 25+ year-old First Friday Gallery Walk, learn about downtown's historic origins as well as colorful stories and history, and taste some of our finest teas, chocolates, cheeses and, of course, beer on the Fort Collins Foodie Walk, gourmet and brew tours!

Tours are accessible via foot, on bicycle, drawn by horses or by Magic Bus, your choice!  Read more about all of the downtown tours at the Visit Fort Collins website.