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March 4, 2021

Getting Through Tough Stuff

“Tools For The Tough Stuff: Getting Back Up After A Trauma in Business” Watch this panel discussion as it dives into the reality of personal trauma affecting their businesses and how these creative business owners have worked to overcome them.

Part of Fort Collins Startup Week, this video features local business owners Jennifer Holmes (K9 Fitness Works), Katie Huey (author) and Franklin Taggart (creative business consultant & musician at Franklin Taggart Coaching and Consulting)

By the end of this panel, you will learn: the tools in your own toolbox to get up quick and how managers and coworkers respond can make or break relationships, influence company loyalty, and play a significant role in recovery.

When you are faced with only you to talk to, only you to work out with, hang with the dog and family for 24/7, employees that are now jobless, a business that is now with no service or customers. What do you do? In Quarantine I faced PTSD from old illness, forced into changing my business. There was a lot of opportunity and communities coming together in all the change.


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