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Our Stories: Downtown Fort Collins Creative District

A Fort Collins Creative Industry Example: CRAFT BEER

The Fort Collins brewing industry is a perfect example of creativity and passion leading business success and innovation. Something that today is so rooted in the Fort Collins community’s self-identity, beer and brewing is a huge economic driver with more than 20 breweries citywide and one that serves to bring Fort Collins to the entire nation’s attention.

This is a creative business filled with talented brewers, passionate craftsman, journeymen, graphic designers and marketers who bring their passion for craft beer to the city’s forefront. Fort Collins is the largest producer of craft beer in Colorado, proudly producing over 70% of the state’s beer. This is just one example of the way creative industry can impact a community’s brand, lifestyle and economy. Head out to sample some today at our brewery tours!

What does our Creative District do?

It is designed to serve as a hub for creative economic activity, thereby enhancing the Downtown Fort Collins area as a desirable place to live, visit, conduct business, and develop economic activity. We are the hub for downtown arts and culture information providing the Downtown creative industry connectivity to audiences, resources and collaborators. We work to brand Downtown Fort Collins as a arts and creative hub through creative placemaking, being a storyteller of Fort Collins’ unique arts, culture, and history. Each year we help program and produce ARTup Week Fort Collins as part of Startup Week Fort Collins with over 50 creative industry specific business sessions, workshops, and peer networking events. We provide connection for artists and creative businesses to current city planning efforts; collaborate with centers to offer business development workshops and culturally diverse events; create pop up art experiences in our district and promote the thousands of the wonderfully unique concerts, events, festivals and classes happening in the Downtown FoCo Creative District each year!

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Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.

Theodore Levitt