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Recent Updates

  • Colorado Arts Relief Fund is open! This fund provides $15.5 million for the second round of funding to support arts, cultural and entertainment artists, crew members, and organizations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Funding through this bill will be distributed through two separate grant applications: Colorado Arts Relief—Business and Organization and Colorado Arts Relief—Individuals. Applications are open from August 23 – October 15.
  • City of Fort Collins Recovery Plan VisionThe City is set to receive $28.1 million of the nearly $6 billion American Rescue Plan Act funds.  To guide this spending, the City is developing a Fort Collins Recovery Plan. They want to hear from you! What does a resilient, vibrant recovery for all residents and businesses look like? How can we get there? Share your ideas, thoughts,  stories and hear others’ experiences and ideas HERE or Take a quick survey here
  • The Bohemian Fund – Bohemian Foundation announces a new grant making program
  • The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is has many current grants to apply for funding, relief funding or project funding.
  • Art-Train brings together artists and creatives with municipalities, agencies, and organizations to create culture-based collaborations. With separate tracks for artists and agencies, Art-Train helps you use American Rescue Plan and American Jobs Plan funding to support locally-rooted, culture-based collaborations.
  • Colorado’s CLIMBER small business loan fund –  These are below market rate loans with favorable terms for small businesses with 5-99 employees. CLIMBER loans are available to non-profit businesses along with for-profit and sole proprietorships. Special consideration is given to small businesses located in rural, distressed, and underserved areas, including communities with low to moderate incomes. For full details and eligibility visit their website.
  • COVID-19 tests for yourself or your employees? Find the testing closest to you
  • COVID-19 vaccinations Get the latest info on vaccinations HERE


  • The Bohemian Fund – Bohemian Foundation announces a new grant making program open starting August
  • HARPO FOUNDATION GRANT The purpose of this program is to assist tax-exempt nonprofit organizations in supporting new work by under-recognized visual artists age 21 and older. Funding may be used for projects that directly support the production of new work by artists and/or collaborative teams in the context of installations, public interventions, residencies, or exhibitions. Applicants submitting successful letters of inquiry will be invited to submit full proposals.
  • SHEILA FORTUNE GRANT The purpose of this program is to further the interests of abused or at-risk youths by providing them with opportunities to flourish and grow in their interest in performing arts, enabling them to take advantage of opportunities that would not otherwise be afforded to them. Program support is available for nonprofit organizations that develop and administer projects that promote the interests and abilities of abused or at-risk youths in the arts. At-risk is roughly defined for this program as youth who are facing the challenges of poverty, juvenile delinquency, parental substance abuse, and negligence.  Program funding is available for arts projects in areas including theater, dance, painting, music, film, and photography. Organizations should be familiar with at-risk youth and provide the youths with a stabilized setting. Program funding may be used for supplies, personnel, food, utilities, rental, or scholarships. Eligibility for this program is limited to projects in the states of Colorado, Indiana, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania.
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American Rescue Plan and CARES Act



    • Take Note Colorado, a responsive, competitive opportunity for individuals and organizations statewide to offer highly inclusive, culturally relevant and student-centered music instruction. Individuals and organizations can apply for up to $10,000 to develop programming that meets Take Note’s goals
    • Pro Bono Attorneys services for Colorado businesses affected by COVID
    • The State of Colorado‘s Help Colorado Now website offers emergency funding and a range of in-kind services as well as volunteer opportunities for individuals, businesses and nonprofits.